Tales Runner Alchemy system allows players to create new items using recipes and ingredients. Recipes are always bought in Alchemist and are stored in there, too. Ingredients are usually Cards and, in case of higher-level alchemy items, appropriate lower-level alchemy items (can be expired). In some cases, ingredients are items bought in Shop. In most cases, it is also possible to buy a bundle of recipe and all cards needed to create the item.

The Armor of Ladybug Quest serves as an easy introduction to Alchemy for new players.

All alchemy functions are available in Alchemist.

For list of alchemy items, see Category:Alchemy

Creating Alchemy ItemsEdit

Alchemy items are created using a "slot machine" which determines how successful the creation was. There are 5 slots on the machine altogether. To stop the wheel, you press the item key(shift). There are a total of 3 different ranks you can get when you stop a slot, "cool,good and bad". Based on the result, alchemy items may be C, B,A, and S rank, C being the worst, and S being the best. Based on the rank, the item acquires additional benefits, the higher rank, the better benefits (C rank does not receive any).
Only equipment pieces receive rank; other items created by alchemy (pets or usable items), although they're created through the slot machine, don't get a class or any additional features.

S Rank items can only be created by getting all 5 as "cool's". It is also possible to get a bonus stat if you achieve S rank, it is in yellow writing. This is widely called by players as the "S+" rank. Other ranks can also get stats higher than usual. e.g. 13% fury gain instead of 10%. This is extremely rare and does not happen very often. A strategy most people use is by spamming the shift button to get "COOL" everytime. This method has not yet proven to be 100% accurate.

Life timeEdit

Alchemy equipment pieces are created with 30 days of lifespan. After 30 days they become unusable but do not disappear from My Room. To extend their lifespan it is possible to repair them using several items:

Usable items created by Alchemy do not expire.
Pets created by Alchemy have the same properties as other pets and must be fed, not repaired, to be usable.


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