Cards are items used to create Alchemy items. There are two kinds of cards - Map cards, obtained by racing, and Farm cards obtained by harvesting farm plants and animals.

Card PropertiesEdit

  • Card Type - each card is either a Map card or a Farm card.
  • Card Number - each kind of card has a distinct card number.
  • Star Count - each card is marked by certain number of stars, starting at one star and ending at five stars. For Map Cards, number of stars describe the card rarity, 1-star cards are most common, 5-star cards are the rarest. It is uncertain if the meaning is the same for Farm Cards.
  • Description - each card holds a description. For Map Cards, it's one part of a story to which the card belongs.
  • Picture - each card bears a picture corresponding to its description.



Map cards can be obtained by racing. Each map has a set of cards, one of each star counts, that can be obtained in that map. At the end of each race, every player that participated in the race gets one or two card draws. The chance for getting two draws is affected by Luck stat - the higher Luck the higher chance for two draws. Each draw can give the player one card of the set defined for the map, or no card. Again, chance for getting individual cards is affected by Luck.

Map cards can also be obtained by purchasing a bundle of alchemy recipe and cards.

Farm cards can be obtained by harvesting Farm plants and animals. On each harvest, player receives random draw of cards produced by the plant or animal.

Event cards can be obtained by racing during events, similarly to Map cards, but independent on map selected.


Cards are stored in the account inventory and can be viewed in the Alchemist. Each card stacks up to 99, when amount of given card reaches that number any new card of that kind is not added to the inventory.


Players cannot manipulate cards in their inventory. Cards are removed from the inventory when an Alchemy item requiring these cards for its creation is being made.

Card ListsEdit

Cards by NumbersEdit

The following sections list all available cards sorted by card number.

Map Cards 1 ~ 45Edit

Cards 1 ~ 15 Cards 16 ~ 30 Cards 31 ~ 45
No. Card No. Card No. Card
1 1star A Hungry Family 16 3star The Golden Hen 31 3star Oyuki: The Snow Girl?
2 2star Rice Spoon 17 4star The Singing Harp 32 4star Broken Promise
3 3star Cure the Swallow 18 5star Cut the beanstalk down! 33 5star Disappeared in a Snowstorm
4 4star Sprouting Diamonds! 19 1star The Princess and Her Ball 34 1star Journey to the Land of Snow
5 1star Hurt the Swallow 20 2star Golden Ball: Lost! 35 2star A Cold but Magical World
6 2star Large Pumpkins 21 3star An Exchange 36 3star Endless Cliff
7 3star Sprouting Goblins! 22 4star From Frog to Prince 37 4star Snowy Butterfly
8 5star Brothers Forever 23 5star A Frog Prince's Wedding 38 5star Immutable Past
9 1star Ruined Pumpkin 24 1star Ricecake Thief 39 1star Carefree Urchin
10 2star Making a Mess 25 2star Lying Tiger 40 2star A Cave and a Magic Lamp
11 3star Making it Worse 26 3star Heavenly Rope 41 3star Aladdin & Princess
12 4star Digging a Hole 27 4star The Rotten Grape 42 4star Magic Lamp: Lost!
13 5star Angry at the World 28 5star The Sun and Moon 43 5star Magic Lamp: Found!
14 1star A Cow for some Magic Beans 29 1star Snow Girl's Arrival 44 1star The Peach Boy
15 2star Jack's Shining Beans 30 2star Snow Girl's Promise 45 2star Grandma's Honey Cake

Map Cards 46 ~ 90Edit

Cards 46 ~ 60 Cards 61 ~ 75 Cards 76 ~ 90
No. Card No. Card No. Card
46 3star Friends and Snacks 61 5star Super Jump! 76 4star Honey! Where are you?
47 4star Battle with Demons 62 4star Piero's Block Party! 77 5star Aunty's Curiosity
48 5star Treasure and Glory 63 5star Keep trying, Piero! 78 3star Enter the Shark!
49 1star Down the Rabbit Hole! 64 1star Henry's Worry 79 4star Shark Attack!
50 2star Strange Tea Party 65 2star Get to it, Piero! 80 5star He just waved...
51 3star Alice and the Caterpillar 66 3star Enter the Octopus 81 1star Block someone's way
52 4star Strange Dream 67 4star Rage of Daddy Octopus 82 2star The Sphinx's Fury
53 5star Off with her head! 68 5star Daddy Octopus: Satisfied 83 3star The Sphinx's Riddle
54 5star The Queen of Chess 69 3star Enter the other Octopus 84 4star The Sphinx's Shame
55 1star Fantasy Land Crisis 70 4star Run for it, Daddy! 85 5star The Sphinx's Decision
56 2star Henry's Choice 71 5star Hidden Attack: Lightning Pinwheel! 86 1star Dr.Hell's Specialty
57 3star Wish Stone 72 3star Enter the Lizard! 87 2star Return of Dr. Hell
58 4star Carelessly Set Hurdles 73 4star A Lizard's Course! 88 3star Dr. Hell's Promise
59 5star Speed is the Key! 74 5star A lizard amongst men... 89 4star You're not one the list...
60 5star Try again, Piero 75 3star Uncle Lizard Secret Past 90 5star The road less traveled...

Map Cards 91 ~ 115Edit

Cards 91 ~ 105 Cards 106 ~ 120 Cards 121 ~ 135
No. Card No. Card No. Card
91 5star Dr. Hell's Panda Factory 106   121  
92 5star Dr. Hell's Block Party! 107   122  
93 5star Going down... 108   123  
94 3star The Sphinx's Revenge 109   124  
95 4star The Sphinx's Latest Test 110   125  
96 5star The Sphinx's New Clothes 111 1star Open Sesame!! 126  
97 4star Alice's Worry 112 2star Secret Treasure Cave 127  
98 5star A Better-fly 113 3star Qasim's Death!! 128  
99 1star Runners' Ambition 114 4star Clever Morgiana 129  
100 2star Runners' Ambition 2 115 5star Morgiana's Knife Dance 130  
101 3star King Henry's New Map 116   131  
102 4star 3 for 1 117   132  
103 5star A Happy King 118   133  
104   119   134  
105   120   135  

Farm Cards 1 ~ 33Edit

Cards 1 ~ 15 Cards 16 ~ 30 Cards 31 ~ 45
No. Card No. Card No. Card
1 1star Fresh Organic Milk 16 1star Giant Leaf of Mix Tree 31 1star Tropical Boa Snake
2 2star Well Trimmed Leather 17 2star Sweet Fruits 32 2star Baby Boa Snake
3 3star Baby Moo Moo Calf 18 3star Little Tropical Mix Tree 33 3star Tongue of the Boa
4 4star Papa Moo Moo Cow 19 4star Growing Mix Tree 34  
5 5star Mama Moo Moo Cow 20 5star Tropical Mix Tree 35  
6 1star Variety Eggs 21 1star Leaf of Sway Sway Tree 36  
7 2star Feather of Chickadee 22 2star Icy Sway Sway Fruits 37  
8 3star Baby Chickadee 23 3star Little Sway Tree 38  
9 4star Papa Chickadee 24 4star Growing Sway Tree 39  
10 5star Mama Chickadee 25 5star Sway Sway Tree 40  
11 1star Smoked Ham 26 1star Leaf of Jelly Tree 41  
12 2star Pig Tails 27 2star Tasty Jelly Fruits 42  
13 3star Tiny Baby Piggy 28 3star Little Jelly Tree 43  
14 4star Grumpy Papa Boar 29 4star Growing Jelly Tree 44  
15 5star Sweetie Mama Pig 30 5star Rainbow Jelly Tree 45  

Event CardsEdit

No. Card
126 2star Magic Flour

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