Items are generally any objects a player can use in the game. There are two basic categories of them - inventory items, which "belong" to the player, and map items, which only appear and can be used during a race.

Inventory items are further divided based on where they are stored to My Room items (which can be found in player's My Room), Alchemy items (Cards and Recipes) which can be found in Alchemist, and Farm items, which can be found in the Farm Inventory.

Map Items further divide to Capsule Items used in Item races, and to Other Map Items which are specific for certain maps.

My Room ItemsEdit

My Room Items can be found in player's My Room. There are several possible categorizations of My Room Items:

  • by timing
    • permanent - such items stay in the inventory forever
    • timed - such items disappear from the inventory after certain time. Purchasing another piece of such item adds to the item's expiration time.
    • pets - have a lifespan of 30 days and must be kept alive by feeding. If a pet expires, it becomes dead and must be revived.
    • alchemy - has a lifespan of 30 days after which it becomes unusable but stays in the inventory. Its lifespan can be extended using hammers regardless if the item is usable or expired
  • by availability
    • can be purchased in shop
    • cannot be purchased and must be obtained other ways
  • by usability
    • equipment - can be equipped on a character
      • single-character equipment - can be used only on one character
      • gender-specific equipment - can be used only on male or female characters
      • all character equipment - can be used on any character
    • usable - can be used directly in My Room
    • quest - cannot be directly used but can be used in some kind of quest or NPC interaction
  • by effect
    • characters - specify the base stats
    • items adding various stats
    • fashion and appearance items - don't change character's stats but improve or change its looks and behavior

Alchemy ItemsEdit

Main article: Alchemy

Alchemy items can be found in Alchemist.


Main article: Cards

Cards are found in Alchemist on the Cards page. They further divide to:

  • Map Cards - obtained via racing
  • Farm Cards - obtained from Farm animals
  • Event Cards - obtained via racing during events


Recipes are items which are used within Alchemist to create other items. They further divide to:

  • Equipment Recipes - can be bought directly in Alchemist, eventually in a bundle with all cards needed to create the resulting equipment item
  • Farm Recipes - can be only obtained from Farm animals and are used to create another farm animals.

Farm ItemsEdit

Farm items can be found in Farm Inventory. They can be specified:

  • by usage
    • farm layouts - overall layout of a farm
    • farm skies - a sky over the farm
    • farm equipment - items which can be placed on farm's grid and take space there
    • farm animals - can be placed over farm equipment and can move around the farm
  • by growability
    • not growable - can be just placed on farm
    • growable - accept Exp from their owner's racing and can be harvested
      • growable plants - are placed as farm equipment, don't move
        • permanent - after being fully harvested they stay on the farm and can be recharged
        • disappearing - after being fully harvested they disappear
      • growable animals

Map ItemsEdit

Main article: Map Items

Map Items are Items which appear only in racing maps, can be picked up and used in these maps, but do not transfer to character's inventory and disappear at the end of the race.

Map Items further divide to Capsule Items which appear and are used in item races and give players random items based on their position in the race, and to Other Map Items which are specific for individual maps.