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Character InformationEdit

Kai was born from darkness; he was later found, adopted, and raised by the genius map maker Dr.Hell. As a baby, Kai was extremely sick. Dr.Hell, after consulting numerous doctors, learned that there would need to be more darkness in the world in order to restore Kai's health. He then stole the Devil Alchemy, an unstable set of alchemy that was to be sealed away with the Angel Alchemy in order to maintain balance in TalesLand, to remedy Kai's sickness. Kai quickly grew and became better. However, not all ended there as Dr.Hell was then kidnapped by a mysterious person, initially only revealed as "Red Head", who claimed to be Kai's brother. After this happened, Kai became a Tales Runner in order to save his father and restore peace to Tales Land.

Kai is similar to Ocean, except he has 2 points more in the Acceleration stat and 2 less points in the Control stat. He will turn into a demon upon entering fury. He was the first character to have this kind of fury transformation. His high Speed and Acceleration makes him a very favorable character.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In-Game Dialogue Edit

Using Kai's English voice, originally from Gpotato, carried over to OGPlanet


Laugh - "Muahahahaha!"

Angry - "Bah, I went easy on you!"

Hello - "Hello!"

Bring it on - "You will never defeat me."

Sad - N/A

Wow - "Impressive!"

OMG - "Oh?"

Yay - "Excellent!"

Out of Dash:

"Not gonna move"

"You can't make me move"

"Go run on your own!"

"Whatever, it's break time"

"Give me a break"

"I'm worn out"

Landing Dash:

"All right!"


"Fear my wrath!"

"Tell them to get out of my way!"

"Ready to kill these slow-pokes"

"Let's do it"

Fury Mode:


"Demonic energy..."

"Meet your maker"

"Pray for a quick death"

"You will regret this"

Footnotes Edit

-GPotato made an effort to give him more "edge" than he canonically has as a way to make players more excited when he was first being released.

-Jin was the first person who told Dr.Hell of the way darkness was needed for Kai to get better

-All of Kai's comics have been translated to English, though one has been lost since GPotato's shutdown.


Kai story GPotato Translation

Kai's comic as it appeared on the GPotato website