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Maki appear as a young girl, wear a black-white skirt and have two hair braid (default). A partner ghost can also be seen, holding her hair braid while she's running.


Idle: She floating in the air (due to her partner ghost lift her up).

Running (min): She close her eyes (holding hair braids seems hurt a lot).

Running (max): She hold her head with two arms, while the ghost sticking with her.

Boost: The two stick together into a ball and roll on the ground, theoretically make her become stunned (can be seen in the display window on the left, but no status effect).

Character Information

In the OGPlanet release of Tales Runner, Maki is known as Mika.

Maki possessed the ability to see ghosts ever since she was young. In fact, one of them caught her when she was little and never let go. The stress of constantly seeing ghosts, combined with alienation from her peers due to them, was too much for her to handle. She became a Tales Runner to win the Wish Stone and finally be free from her ‘gift’.

Maki has the lowest base Power in the game which is compensated by the highest base Control. She is very similar to Lina in character stats. Maki's ghost can also be switched to other purchasable ones in the Shop under the Special category; this feature is unique to Maki. These ghosts can provide different stat boosts, unlike her default ghost, upon equipping them.


(Dalam rilis OGPlanet dari Tales Runner, Maki dikenal sebagai Mika.

Maki memiliki daya dasar terendah dalam permainan yang dikompensasi oleh basis kontrol tertinggi. Dia sangat mirip dengan Lina dalam karakter statistik dan perbedaan dapat biasanya dikompensasi dengan menggunakan peralatan yang sesuai. Hantu Maki juga dapat beralih ke yang dibeli di toko dalam game, ini adalah fitur unik untuk Maki. Hantu ini bisa menambah meningkatkan stat yang berbeda untuk Maki, tidak seperti hantu standar nya setelah membeli nya.)


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