Maps are environments which player characters can enter and where they can interact with other characters. Most common understanding of the 'Map' term is a Racing Map.

All maps have a 3D structure in which the character moves, consisting of visible surfaces and invisible obstacles blocking the character from reaching areas not intended to be used by characters.

In most maps, characters can freely move using Game Controls.

All maps also provide camera positioning system which shows the player its character. Camera is always focused on the player character, however operating the camera is dependent on the map type and settings.

Racing MapsEdit

For categorized list of racing maps, see Category:Maps.

Racing Maps are maps in which races take place. Each racing map has a starting place where all racing characters are entering the map, and a goal zone which needs to be entered by at least one character to successfully finish the race. There is also a defined race track from the starting place to the goal zone. Characters can freely move in the track but reaching other places in the map is usually blocked.

Racing maps feature various obstacles. Obstacles can be stationary (landscape features such as rocks, trees, pits), moving (e.g. gigantic chicken eggs rolling down the track), or interactive (buttons opening doors). Collisions with obstacles can have various effects on characters ranging from simply blocking the character through limiting its abilities by some status effect to ending the race for it.

Racing Maps may also feature Map Items which characters can pick up and use during the race.

In racing maps players cannot operate the camera. A character following the race track is usually either running from the camera (forward maps), to the camera (backwards maps), or to the right (sideways maps). In some maps the camera direction is fixed and the character follows the race track while its running direction relative to camera changes.

Community MapsEdit

Community Maps are places where player characters can meet without racing. They include the Park and Farms.


Main article: Park

Park is a place where player characters can meet, chat, run around, and use park features.


Main article: Farm

Farms are player's private customizable places where they can meet with other characters.

Game RoomsEdit

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Special case of maps are Game Rooms. These are used for players to get ready for races. In Game Rooms camera is focused on the room as a whole and does not follow the character.

There are four types of Game Room, depending on the race type and settings.

  • Individual 8-Player Game Room
  • Team 8-Player Game Room
  • 30-Player Game Room
  • Relay Game Room Cyber