Couple SystemEdit

You may purchase a New Couple Ring for 70 GP to initiate a couple. Additional rings are available for varying prices, and their availability is based upon how long a couple has been together. Rings come with bonuses such as EXP, TR, and Luck. The TR and EXP bonuses usually apply only when a couple races together. However, the luck bonus always applies. All rings cost GP, and after 1 year of being together as a couple, a special set of wings is available that adds an enormous bonus to EXP, TR, and Luck (150% EXP when couple is NOT present in a race). Coupling is a great way to show your love and gain bonuses from it too.

Couple FortuneEdit

Couple Fortune is located in the Park at the Fortune Teller shop. It requires that you are part of a couple. Your couple (the person you are coupled with) must be online for you to receive this bonus. You can recieve this bonus free once per day, whereupon it will last 15 minutes, or you can pay 30 GP for it to last for a full hour. This adds TR and EXP bonuses (and additional stats?). Both you and your couple recieve the bonus.


You may purchase a Family Item to add another player to your Family Tree. When you race with your family, EXP and TR bonuses are given to you.

There is a limit of how many people can be in your Family. The Family Tree is oddly structured, however it may make sense as you create and grow your family (see below). You may kick a player from your family by right-clicking their name in the Family Settings.

Family Tree*:

                   [1] - [2]
                  /          \
            [3]   [4]   [5] - [6]
                        [7] [8] [9]
  • As shown to player without a family. "-" represents a couple link.


This system is the Tales Runner equivalent of the Guild feature that gives EXP bonuses to all Club Members if they race together.

Creating a Club costs 35,000TR (Cannot purchase via GP). You can view and apply to clubs by clicking the star icon at the top of the lobby screen (where you select which race you would like to join).